LeSassier Catering would be delighted to provide professional catering services.  The following is a proposed menu, considering the services we believe you desire. We are happy to make any necessary modifications to suit your needs.

Our Story

         LeSassier Catering was founded by Daria LeSassier who has combined her passion for food and cooking to grow a client list into a modern, sustainable, and custom catering company. Daria LeSassier was born into flavor. She learned her craft marinating in the culinary heritage that thrives in New Orleans. Daria has tremendously mastered her craft of cooking.
         LeSassier catering offers the freshest quality food ingredients. LeSassier catering strives to give you a very memorable experience, from our entire staff of chefs, waiters, & bartenders. We make your event the most unforgettable event possible. With great food, staff, and decor presentation we are happy to offer you our famous recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation from my New Orleans heritage family of culinary cruising to yours. Our catering company has grown exponentially over the past decade.  
         Now in its eighteenth year, LeSassier Catering continues to expand beyond the classic catering model, incorporating on-site hospitality services for in-home catering for Los Angeles’ most prolific hosts and hostesses, and for our many corporate clients.




Meet the Team!

Daria LeSassier

Founder & CEO

Donna Burch


Richard Baylor